Jain Japa Mala in Clear Quartz(Sphatik) (108+3 Beads)
Jain Japa Mala in Clear Quartz(Sphatik) (108+3 Beads)
Jain Japa Mala in Clear Quartz(Sphatik) (108+3 Beads)
Jain Japa Mala in Clear Quartz(Sphatik) (108+3 Beads)

Jain Japa Mala in Clear Quartz(Sphatik) (108+3 Beads)


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108+3 Beads Clear Quartz Jain Jaap Mala

In Jainism, the significance of 108+3 beads in Jaap Mala is based on the concept of Jiva, Ajiva, and the Soul's journey to attain liberation. The number 108 symbolizes the 108 qualities that one must overcome in order to attain liberation. The additional 3 beads represent the three Jewels of Jainism: Right Faith (सम्यक दर्शन ), Right Knowledge ( सम्यक ज्ञान ) and Right Conduct ( सम्यक चरित्र )

Together, these beads serve as a tool for meditation and spiritual practice, helping practitioners to focus on their spiritual journey and the ultimate goal of liberation.

Benefits of Sphatik Jaap Mala:

  • Amplifies energy and intentions.
  • Makes your chanting fruitful, gives profound spiritual happiness, attracts Goddess of wealth Lakshmi, kills poverty and its sources.
  • Balances and aligns chakras.
  • Clears negative energy and promotes positivity.
  • Promotes mental clarity and inner peace.

Guidelines and practices for keeping and maintaining a Jaap Mala in Jainism.

  • Respectful Handling: The Mala is considered a sacred object, and it should be treated with reverence and respect. When not in use, it is recommended to store the Mala in a clean and dedicated place, such as a pouch or a small bag.
  • Cleanliness: The Mala should be kept clean and free from dirt and impurities. It is advisable to clean the Mala periodically to maintain its purity.
  • Personal Use: It is preferable that each individual uses their own personal Mala for their spiritual practices. Sharing of Malas is uncommon, as it is believed that the Mala carries the energy and vibrations of the practitioner.
  • Avoiding Contamination: It is suggested to avoid touching the Mala with unwashed hands or while in an impure state (such as after using the restroom). This is to maintain the sanctity and purity of the Mala.
  • Blessings and Consecration: Some individuals may choose to have their Mala blessed or consecrated by a Jain Guru. This is believed to enhance the spiritual potency of the Mala.

Stone Size: 6mm Round
Mala/Necklace Size: 18 inch
No. of Stones: 108+3

Mala is made in traditional way with knots between the beads.

Hand knotted..3" tassel in end

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