Turquoise (Firoza): A Stone of Healing and Protection. Turquoise mines are found in Iran, United States, and parts of Mexico. The gemstone is known for its unique hue, ranging from sky blue to greenish-blue, often interlaced with natural vein-like patterns called matrix. In Vedic astrology, Turquoise is linked to the planet Venus and is known for its positive impact on mental clarity, creative expression, and emotional balance. Wearing Firoza is believed to offer protection against negative energies, enhance communication skills, and foster overall well-being. It's especially favored by those seeking spiritual grounding and a harmonious connection to the natural world. Turquoise is celebrated for its healing properties. It's said to be beneficial for respiratory, skeletal, and immune systems. The stone is also associated with relieving stress, fostering tranquility, and enhancing self-realization.
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