MALACHITE often referred to as 'The Kidney Stone', for its reputed healing properties. Originating from Russia, Africa, and the Middle East. Malachite is revered for its powerful connection to the planet Venus. This association endows the gemstone with the ability to harmonize and balance emotional well-being. It protects against negative energies and enhance intuition. Its strong grounding properties are said to bring stability, reduce stress, and encourage positive transformation. The Kidney stone, or Dana Phirang, is another name for malachite. Natural Kidney Stone, also known as Malachite by 'AstroDevam,' is imbued with celestial powers and has been energized and programmed by Chary Kalki Krishnan. Its oblique strength and force, which demands respect, mesmerizes the observer. The fluidity, flow, and energy of its lines, circles, and motifs, on the other hand, calm and welcome. It has a mystical quality to it.
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