Black Hematite (Cut) Bracelet
Black Hematite (Cut) Bracelet
Black Hematite (Cut) Bracelet

Black Hematite (Cut) Bracelet


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Black Hematite Faceted Bracelet | Natural Gemstone Bead | Handmade Healing Bracelet

Stone Type: Round Cabochon
Stone Size: 8mm
SKU: BeadBr32

-Emotional Balancing: Believed to help balance emotions and energies, promoting emotional well-being.
-Grounding Properties: Said to have grounding effects, helping to connect the wearer to the earth and offering a sense of stability.
-Stress Relief: Often used as a tool for stress relief, potentially aiding in the reduction of anxiety and tension.
-Improved Circulation: Hematite can improve blood circulation.
-Pain Relief: Some wearers report pain relief, particularly in relation to arthritis and muscular pain.
-Detoxifying Effects: Thought to have detoxifying properties, potentially aiding in the removal of toxins from the body.
-Enhancing Focus and Concentration: May help in improving focus and concentration, useful in meditation or mindfulness practices.
-Energy Boost: Some users feel an increase in energy levels while wearing hematite jewelry.
-Protection Against Negative Energies: Often used as a protective charm against negative energies and psychic attacks.

How to Wear?
You can wear the bracelet on either hand wrist.

Intention Setting:
Before putting on the bracelet, take a moment to set an intention (Be Realistic). Focus on what you'd like to manifest or the energy you'd like to attract.


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