TOURMALINE is an exquisite gemstone naturally occurs in a myriad of stunning colors.  Tourmaline is rarely found colorless. When a deep, vivid green, they are often rich in  chromium and are named Chrome Tourmaline. Iron-rich Tourmalines are normally  black  to deep brown and magnesium-rich varieties can occur in a yellowish brown color. Lithium-rich Tourmalines come in a rainbow of colors. When Tourmaline appears to look  like a Ruby it is renamed Rubellite. If its hues are not profound under both lighting  conditions, it is renamed as Pink Tourmaline. Inclusions in Rubellite are fairly common, as the chemical structures responsible for its wonderful color also create inclusions. Rubellite is a real treasure. It is far rarer than its closest rival Ruby and many people find it  infinitely  more  attractive. 

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