SPINEL Imagine how difficult it must have been  telling  the  Queen  of  England  that  her beloved  Ruby  in  the  crown  jewels  was  not  a  Ruby at all, but Spinel!  The “Black Prince’s Ruby”, which is now set in the British Imperial State Crown, was thought by Henry V to be a Ruby (hence its name); but it is actually a 170ct Spinel. Red Spinel is actually rarer than Ruby, but unlike  the latter can be found in large sizes. Pure Spinel  is  white  and its  impurities like iron, chromium, vanadium and cobalt provides many colors of Spinel like Ruby reds, electrifying blues, purples,  pinks and greys. Spinel  is  a  favorite  of  many  gem  collectors.  It  has  fantastic  brilliance  with  a  vitreous  luster,  and  as  it  is  very  durable  and  tough,  it  makes  it  an  ideal  gem  to  set  into  jewelry.


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