SPHENE is one of the newest gemstones to be discovered, taking its name from the Greek word  for “wedge” - due to its typical wedge-shaped crystal  structure. It  is  sometimes  known  as “Titanite”, due to its titanium content. Sphene is quite unusual and beautiful. It actually has a brilliant fire greater than that of diamonds, however it is soft rating a 5.5 on the Moh's hardness scale. Sphene can be brown, golden yellow, greenish-yellow or yellow-brown. Faceted stones have extremely high fire and rich colors. is appealing not only because of its fire, but also because of its diamond like adamantine luster, as well as its strong pleochroism, apparent in the colored stones. This pleochroism shows three different colors; colorless, greenish-yellow and brownish yellow. 

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