Coral (Moonga): Vitality and Strength. Coral is an organic gemstone formed from the skeletal remains of coral polyps. The finest quality Coral is found in Italy, Spain and Japan. Its vibrant red color ranges from warm white to pinkish-red to deep maroon and is often treasured for its natural finish. In Vedic astrology, Red Coral is linked to Mars, the planet of energy, courage, and determination. Wearing Moonga is believed to strengthen Mars in one's horoscope, imparting fortitude, leadership qualities, and protection against negativity. It's particularly beneficial for those who require a boost in confidence and assertiveness. It improves mental and physical strength. Red Coral is also believed to aid in blood-related disorders, enhance metabolism, and stimulate circulation. Pink Coral is widely used for disturbances in love life and White Coral (Safed Moonga) associated with Venus and Mars is used for Financial Stability. 
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