Paraiba Tourmaline

      PARAIBA TOURMALINE discovered in 1989 is one of the most sought after gemstones on the planet. It is a Rare Stone. The stunning Paraiba Tourmaline ranges from neon, swimming pool blue to an electric greenish blue. Its name is derived from the Paraiba State in Brazil, where it was first discovered. Now a days it is also mined in Mozambique, Madagascar and Nigeria. What  makes this gem so different to other Tourmalines, is the presence of copper and, to a lesser extent, manganese. The copper within the gem is what makes it appear to glow and this almost neon effect is truly a delight to see. For Paraiba Tourmaline, color is more important than clarity. Blue color holds more value than green ones. Due to its range of intense colors, which are similar to that of a peacock, this most spectacular gem is known in the gem trade as the “Peacock Gem”.
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