KYANITE is best known for its deep, rich colors and rarity. It’s clear, strong blue to bluish -green appearance has placed it at the forefront in jewelry. Occasionally, Green Kyanite is also found and, is known as Bottle Green Kyanite. In its regular blue form, it has a color very similar to Sapphire and gems extracted from Nepal. Blue Kyanite from Nepal is mined at high altitude. Unfortunately, the gem is incredibly rare and pieces over 3ct are highly prized. Kyanite is a strong stone with a wide range of uses. It contains a relaxing, grounding vibration that can be used to balance emotions and enter contemplative states. It also awakens the third eye chakra, which can help us connect to our intuition talents and recall dreams. It does not gather negative energy, so it does not need to be cleansed like many other crystals.

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