KYANITE is best known for its deep, rich colors and rarity. It’s clear, strong blue to bluish -green appearance has placed it at the forefront in jewelry. This shiny, translucent gemstone is famous for its variations in hardness depending on which axis of the gem you are looking at. In one direction it measures 4.5- 5 on the Mohs scale and on the other axis it measures 6.5- 7. Occasionally, green Kyanite is also found and, is known as Botli Green/Emerald Kyanite. Ravishing in appearance, it resembles the Zambian Emerald and is valued as a real treasure by gem collectors. In its regular blue form, it has a color very similar to Sapphire and gems extracted from recent mines in Nepal and is comparable in appearance to the very finest Kashmir Sapphires. Blue Kyanite from Nepal is mined at high altitude. Unfortunately, the gem is incredibly rare and pieces over 3ct are highly prized.

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