CSARITE(Zultanite) is a Turkish Miracle. A New Gemstone for a New Generation

      Unlike other varieties of Diaspore, which is often more opaque, Csarite was immediately observed to have excellent clarity and, under different lighting conditions, shifts color. Csarite also known as Zultanite or Turkizite is mined in a bauxite rich deposit in the Anatolian Mountains of central Turkey. The beauty of this gemstones is that is comes from a single source, much like Tanzanite. It is natural, untreated and it’s big size pieces has one of the most amazing color shift characteristics of any natural gemstone. Exhibiting a spectrum of Natural colors from earthy pistachio and olive greens to golden champagne yellows, deep sunset gingers, and soft pinks and reds. Sadly, in 2017, against dwindling yields and rising costs, the mine owners made the difficult decision to close the mine.

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