APATITE is famous for its swimming pool blues to lively light greens. Finds of Apatite over 1 carat are very rare indeed, and it is also very difficult to find clean Apatite stones over this size, as many will still have a few inclusions. The recent finds of Apatite in Madagascar in 1995 have added to the popularity of this gem. Exhibiting excellent saturation, Madagascan Apatite’s colors range from neon “Emerald” greens to neon “Paraiba” blues.
      Apatite has been associated with many healing properties and is a gemstone often combined with other gems to further its healing powers. When you combine Rose Quartz with Apatite it is meant to draw and give unconditional love; if you pair it with colorless Quartz it can help you see the changes that need to occur in your life; and when combined with Aquamarine it is believed to help you make those changes. At just 5 on the Mohs scale, Apatite is one of the softest gems to be set in jewelry, but treated respectably its alluring and luscious glow will keep its owner entranced for many years.

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