AMETRINE is one of the most interesting and beautiful gemstones. Found only at Anahi Mine in Eastern Bolivia, it is a fusion of the gorgeous regal purple of Amethyst and the warm sunshine hue of Citrine, beautifully combined in one stone. Ametrine’s bi-colored effect is uniquely created due to differing temperatures across the gem during its crystal formation. The area with the highest temperature forms golden Citrine yellows and the cooler zone forms lilac Amethyst colors. During the last 30 years, the gem trade has favored Ametrine where the split has been 50/50. Only when there was an equal proportion of Amethyst to Citrine were the prices inflated. Today, in a world where individualism is more prevalent than conformism (we no longer all wear the same branded jumper with the big logo on the front as we did in the ‘80s) the old rules of the 50/50 split have disappeared. Now, we consider the vividness of the color, the clarity of the Ametrine, the cut of the gem more importantly than the percentage of each color.


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