The Auspicious Gemstones for the Nine Forms of Maa Durga on Navratri

⁤In Hindu mythology, Maa Durga is considered a symbol of supreme power and strength. ⁤⁤ In Sanatan Dharma, Maa Durga is also known as Jagadamba, the mother of Adishakti. There are nine deities of Goddess Durga, which are known as Navadurga. Each of the 9 deities has the power which is above all the primal powers in the universe, hence due to the new deities of Shakti Swarupa of Maa Durga, she is also called the mother of the world. To get the blessings of their forms, the use of some auspicious energetic gemstones is suggested by vedic astrologers. Every gemstone is attracted towards the core of its form. ⁤⁤It is believed that during Navratri if you wear these auspicious gemstones, you get the blessings of Maa Durga.  

Shailputri - Pearl (मोती): The first form of Maa Durga, Shailputri, addresses goodness and commitment. ⁤⁤The pearls are said to resonate with her energy, helping the devotees cultivate goodness of heart and passionate responsibility in their powerful journey.

Brahmacharini - Coral (मूंगा): The second form of Maa Durga, Brahmacharini, exemplifies seriousness and prudence. ⁤⁤Coral gemstones are associated with these characteristics, supporting devotees as they continue to discover inner strength and turning points of events in their life. 

Chandraghanta - Moonstone (चन्द्रकान्त मणि): The third form of Maa Durga, Chandraghanta, adorned with the moon in the bow, represents harmony and peace. ⁤⁤Moonstone gemstones are believed for their relieving energy, providing up close and personal balance and intuition to individuals who discover their gifts. 

Kushmanda – Ruby (माणिक): The fourth form of Maa Durga, the creator of the universe, Kushmanda, addresses remarkableness and the creative mind. ⁤⁤Ruby provides efficiency in relationships. It inspires you to resonate with energy, bright enthusiasm and a creative mind. 

Skandamata – Emerald (पन्ना): The fifth form of Maa Durga, Skandamata, mother of Skanda (expert Kartikeya), is a symbol of support and progress. ⁤⁤Emerald gemstone is believed to connect with its supportive energies, inspiring harmony and progress in all aspects of life. 

Katyayani – Yellow Saphhire (पुखराज): The sixth form of Maa Durga, Katyayani, the angry mythological goddess, addresses mental determination and affirmation. ⁤⁤Yellow sapphire is associated with his courageous energy, which attracts admirers for his willingness to overcome obstacles and achieve his goals. 

Kalratri - Blue Sapphire (नीलम): The seventh form of Maa Durga, also known as Kalratri, Mahayogini and Mahayogeshwari. This form is considered to have special importance in Tantra Shastra. Blue Sapphire protects devotees from doubt and guides them towards important inspirations in their life. 

Mahagauri - Zircon (जरकन): Mahagauri, the eighth form of Maa Durga, a symbol of prudence and renunciation, displays divine spontaneity. Zircon are considered an example of pure energy, which illuminates the path to inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Siddhidatri – Hessonite(गोमेद): The ninth form of Maa Durga, Siddhidatri, the giver of enchanting powers, addresses vital fulfilment. ⁤⁤Hessonite infuses you with energy, divine blessings and helps in attaining spiritual enlightenment.

By wearing the above mentioned gemstones during Navratri, devotees aspire to receive the blessings of Maa Durga and experiences extraordinary power in their lives. ⁤⁤The Divine auspicious energy continues to guide us in life journey. We, at Vibrancys, believe that this union between the gemstones and Navratri illuminates your life with countless blessings and brings you eternal peace and happiness. At Vibrancys, you will find real, authentic, untreated, and unheated gemstones. Our experts guides you and aim to provide the best service. For quick and accurate gem recommendation, you can also get assistance through our Know Your Gemstone

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