How are gemstones connected with astrology and Understanding birthstones by months.

The term Gemstones are referred to as minerals that are valued naturally for their unique beauty, limited availability, and durability. They possess an extensive range of potential uses in cultural, spiritual and economic contexts. According to ancient astrological belief each gemstone has a unique energy and is linked with certain planets which are deeply rooted in astrological traditions.

These energies are said to impact a variety of life aspects like health, relationships, emotions and career. It is believed that wearing gemstones associated with particular planets can enhance or balance these energies and could bring some significant impact.

However, for personalized advice it is crucial to approach these beliefs with qualified astrologers or jyothshis and gemstone gurus or professionals.

Concept of Birthstones and how are they associated with each month

The idea of Birthstones have historically been linked to specific months of the year with each month having a couple or more gemstones connected to it. Birthstones have a rich tradition in ancient cultures and have evolved over centuries. Becoming an integral part of astrology and personal adornment. Each sun sign is associated with specific birthstones that are said to bestow luck, assurance, and other perks to anyone born under that sign.

These precious gemstones bring good fortune, assurance and positive attributes upon individuals born during their correlating month.

They provide a tangible link between the natural world and the planetary forces that they believe have an impact on their lives.They function as an intriguing mix of astrology, mythology and personal expression.

Apart from astrological associations, birthstones have healing properties and symbolic significance.

Association of birthstones with each Month:

The appropriateness of a gemstone depends upon various factors including birth charts, the current planetary phases, the grade and purity of the gemstones.

Astrologers also suggest that there is an appropriate manner to wear gemstones in order to reap its benefits which includes: 

  • Taking advice from a qualified astrologer
  • Choosing the ideal gemstone by buying it from an authentic source
  • For best results, setting gems with complimentary metals.
  • Wearing it on auspicious days.

Every gem has an associated meaning and is considered to confer certain advantages on people born in that particular month.

Here’s the connection between gems and their respective months:

  1. January: Garnet
    Garnet comes in various colors, but it is most commonly found in deep red hues. Shades of orange, green, brown, yellow, are also present. 
    Garnet has protective as well as healing properties, enhancing vitality and advancing physical well being.
  1. February: Amethyst
    Amethyst is a type of quartz that ranges in colors from lilac to deep purple.
    It’s believed to foster emotional balance, encourage sound sleep, improve meditation and spiritual insight.
    It's adorned for its beauty, significance and therapeutic properties.
  1. March: Aquamarine
    Aquamarine Aqua means water and marine means sea. Its reflecting tranquil blue-green hues reminiscent of the ocean.
    Believed to bring good fortune, enhance communication and self expression.
  1. April: Diamond or Zircon
    Diamond is frequently viewed as an alternative of Zircon to be the birthstone for April borns.
    The most valuable diamonds have remarkable brilliance and shine and are colorless or  near to colorless.
    Zircon encourages inner tranquility and draws wealth.
  1. May: Emerald
    Emeralds are well known for their vivid green color, ranging from bright to intense green hues. It is regarded as a powerful and royal symbol.
    They are believed to have healing abilities, luck, and mental clarity.
    Emeralds are an appealing option for high end jewelries, specially for necklaces, rings and earrings.
    They are cherished for their lush green and rich cultural history.
  1. June: Pearls, Moonstone and Alexandrite
    Pearl comes in a variety of colors white, cream and black. They are believed to promote emotional balance and nurture harmony in one’s life.
    Moonstone has a soft shimmery glow in white, gray, peach colors. They are used in alternative healing properties and spiritual practices.
    Alexandrite has a color changing effect, known for its chameleon-like properties and striking beauty.
    It brings luck to the wearer, emotional and personal transformation.
  1. July: Ruby
    Ruby is known for its deep, intense red hues. Symbols of royalty and power.
    Its believed to bring good luck, protect against negative energies and promote emotional and physical healing. Commonly used as high end jewelry, cherished for their rich color and royal history.
  1. August: Peridot and Spinel
    Peridot color ranges from olive green to lime green hues. Believe to cleanse and purify the body, mind and spirit
    Spinel is always mistaken with other gemstones like ruby because of its color as it occurs in red, pink, orange, and black. Associated with energy, vitality and inspiration.
  1. September: Sapphire
    commonly occurs in blue (neelam)  and yellow (pukhraj) colors but they are also available in a variety of colors such as pink,green,purple and orange.
    They are believed to protect against negative energies, good fortune and enhance spiritual awareness.
  1. October: Opal
    have a unique play of colors, flashes of blue, green, red, orange and yellow, it is caused due to diffraction of light within the stone.
    It has several types and appears as white, fire opal, black each type has a different pattern of colors.
    It brings well being, success and social position.
  1. November : Topaz
    occurs in a wide range of colors from yellow, pink, orange, peach and blue.
    It's said to bring joy, abundance, and attract success.
  1. December: Tanzanite, Blue Zircon, Turquoise
    Tanzanite stunning blue-violet color gem, often compared to blue sapphire.
    Believe to promote emotional healing, alleviate stress and foster peace.
    Turquoise blue green color that of sky and the sea, having mixed patterns of brown black veining.
    It's a sacred stone in many cultures,believed to ward off evil, promote friendship and good fortune.
    Blue Zircon ranging from light blue to deep ocean blue hues. Promotes calmness, enhances communication,sense of harmony and serenity.

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