Everything You Need to Know about Pearls with Astrological Significance

Pearls have always been regarded as a symbol of Elegance and Timelessness. They are widely used in making Jewelry and also as Rashiratna and June Birthstones. Wearing Genuine Pearls has a strong impact on a Person's Consciousness, Health and Success. Learn about the beautiful genuine cultured pearls that are prized high in market.

Golden South Sea Pearl

Golden South Sea pearls are among the largest, most valuable pearls produced today. Their warm, golden tones are completely natural, and no treatments are needed to enjoy the beauty of these luxurious gems. Golden South Sea pearls, much like white South Sea pearls, are typically larger than other saltwater pearl varieties. The growth period is approximately 2-4 years, unlike the akoya pearls, which develop in one to two years, and Tahitian pearls which develop in under two years. The value of a golden South Sea pearl is heavily dependent upon the color; the deeper the golden color, the more valuable the pearl. The overall value of these pearls is higher than akoya or Tahitian, and very comparable to white South Sea pearls. The deepest golden color, often referred to as 24 karat, is considered the most valuable color of all South Sea pearls. Of all the cultured pearl varieties on the market today, South Sea pearls are the undisputed leaders in value.


White South Sea Pearl

White South Sea Pearls are Large and Luxurious. Found in colors ranging from optic white to silver white these pearls are prized by collectors and designers alike. Its luster is soft and luxurious. Only a small percentage of South Seas are spherical and as such, full strands of matched pearls are extremely rare. South Sea pearls are generally much larger than other pearl types and have a unique luster quality – a soft reflection due to the large aragonite platelets that make up the pearl. They also have the thickest average nacre of all cultured pearls. These factors make South Seas both distinctive and valuable. South Sea pearls have the highest value and command the highest prices of all types of pearls. White South Sea pearls generally retain the highest value of all pearl types. Because of their scarcity and unusually large size range, they command much higher prices.

Tahitian Gray Black Pearl

 Tahitian pearls are considered to be the second most valuable commercially farmed pearls in the world. Unlike other black pearls, Tahitians come by their dark color naturally. Beautiful Tahitian pearls are among the largest pearls in the world, ranging in size from approximately 8 mm to 18 mm. The beauty of Tahitian pearls, however, is not limited to their size, but their incredible array of iridescent colors. Tahitian pearls are the only pearls that have a full color spectrum. Peacock to Black-lip pearl oysters have a rainbow-like mantle which exhibits all natural colors. These Tahitian pearls also grows in French Polynesia.


  • Pearls are related to moon energy which signifies the consciousness in a person which controls the feelings and emotions, imparts attraction to someone’s face, attractiveness, glory, and helps to boost memory.
  • Helpful to heal eye disorders, useful to cure diseases like cough cold etc.
  • Gives emotional stability to a stressed mind. Those people which have short temper are guided to wear them. It removes the bad effects of lunar energy and gave strength to mental health thereby induces calmness.
  • Strengthens confidence and helps to generate positive vitality in a person.
  • Builds a strong relationship between couples, husband and wife and lovers.
  • In Vedic Astrology Pearls are realized a symbol of success and wealth.
  • Keeps couples happy and healthy.

* It's important to note that while many people find meaning and benefits in wearing Pearls, individual experiences might vary. Pearl Gemstone effects are subjective and not scientifically proven.

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