Leo Zodiac Sign Bracelet
Leo Zodiac Sign Bracelet
Leo Zodiac Sign Bracelet
Leo Zodiac Sign Bracelet
Leo Zodiac Sign Bracelet

Leo Zodiac Sign Bracelet


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📌 Round beads size - 7-8mm Bracelet length: 7.25 Inches
📌 Made with natural Sunstone, Tiger Eye, Pyrite beads


🌷 Sunstone - It is believed to enhance Leo's natural qualities and bring warmth, vitality, and abundance into their lives. Sunstone is also thought to boost confidence, leadership abilities, and self-expression, helping Leo individuals shine brightly and attract success and positive opportunities.

🌷 Tiger Eye -It is believed to resonate well with Leo's bold and ambitious nature, providing them with the determination and resilience needed to pursue their goals. Tiger Eye is also thought to enhance Leo's decision-making abilities, promote creativity, and bring balance to their energy.

🌷 Pyrite - Pyrite, often referred to as ""Fool's Gold,"" is associated with abundance, prosperity, and manifestation. It is believed to align with Leo's desire for wealth and success, helping them attract financial opportunities and create a strong foundation for their endeavors. Pyrite is also thought to boost Leo's confidence, amplify their personal magnetism, and protect them from negative energies.

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