What Weight of Astrological Gemstone Should You Wear?

What Weight of Astrological Gemstone Should You Wear?

Astrological Gemstones are Powerhouse of Prosperity, Wealth and Happy Living. These gemstones have certain inherent energies and vibrations that resonate with the energies of specific planets. When a person wears the appropriate gemstone, it is believed to enhance the energy of the corresponding planet in their birth chart, leading to various positive outcomes, such as improved health, career success, and personal well-being.

While buying astrological gemstones the following factors are important

  • Weight of Gemstone
  • Quality of Gemstone
  • Your Budget

Each and every factor is crucial and important and you have to optimize them.

Weight of Gemstone: As per Vedic Astrology, the weight of an astrological gemstone is considered a very important factor and it's often believed to influence the strength of the gem's impact on the wearer.

Although it depends on birth chart (horoscope) and the specific planetary positions and influences but in general Individual Person’s Body Weight is considered.

The frequently observed trend is to wear one ratti (carat) for every 12 kilogram of body weight. For example, at least 7 ratti (carat) for a 84 kg person (84 kg/12= 7 Ratti) or at least 5 ratti (carat) for a 60 kg person (60 kg/12= 5 Ratti).

Following are the most popular weights of different astrological gemstones recommended for the wearer:

Ruby (Manik)

 5 - 8.50 Ratti

Emerald (Panna)

 4.50 - 8.50 Ratti

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

 5 - 8.50 Ratti

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

 5 - 7.50 Ratti

Pearl (Moti)

 6 - 10 Ratti

Coral (Moonga)

 7 - 9 Ratti


 6 - 9 Ratti

Hessonite (Gomed)

 5 - 10.25 Ratti

You can also take help from your learned astrologer about the weight recommended for you.

Quality of Gemstone: The quality encompasses factors such as color, clarity, cut, and overall purity. Good-quality gemstones are believed to possess stronger positive energies and are more effective in countering the ill effects of planets. For example, a clear, vibrant, and well-cut gemstone is often considered superior to one with imperfections or a dull appearance. Good Quality Stones are always costly in comparison to medium to low quality stones.

Budget: What Vedic Astrology does not takes care about is the budget to be spend.  because not everyone can spend high. If you have a low budget you can get weight of gemstone but desired quality may not be there and thus effectiveness is slow.

Remember Gemstone quality is crucial for its effectiveness. While a high-quality gemstone may be smaller, it can have a more significant impact than a larger, lower-quality one. Acquire gemstones that align with both your astrological needs and your financial well-being.

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